"Lynn's classes encourage internal awareness of ones breathing and underscores the importance of mindful movement.  It enhances core strengthening and, for me specifically, encourages flexibility without overuse, which has been my nemesis over the years!  Lynn is excellent at suggesting alternatives to certain movements without compromising the benefit of that movement.  She is soft spoken, skilled in her craft, creative in her delivery and participation, and very encouraging to all.  Not only is the classes fun, it is also done in a quiet environment that encourages relaxation.  I highly recommend giving it a try, "  --Linda LaSage

"I have been a student of Lynn's for 8+ years.  Her classes are a wonderful combination of yogic wisdom, postures, breath work, and meditation (and the music is wonderful).  She has perfected her teaching so that it is a well balanced combination of patience with just enough push.  She has changed my life" --Janet Rutan

"It's rare to find a yoga teacher that is so willing to open up and share not only the heart of yoga, but her own heart as well."   -- Randy,   Marlborough MA

"Lynn is a wonderful yoga instructor.  She is knowledgeable and can adapt various poses for the individual student.  The class is a needed respite from the outside world. "  --Nancy,  Hudson, MA 

"I have enjoyed Lynn's yoga classes for 6+ years.  She has helped me see the mind body connection and in doing so, I feel more fit and relief from body strain and tension."  --Kathy,  Marlborough, MA